A lot of IPTV or Sattellite TV players only support linking to a single file or URL as a TV Guide. Which poses a problem when you’re watching channels from different countries. Some players do offer importing different TV Guides, but as you are downloading all these different guides from different countries, it takes a long time to update, or your software could even crash. Also, in every TV Guide you will only be using a couple of channels, while you are downloading the complete country guide each time…

We wanted to solve that problem…

Crazy EPG Web will ‘construct’ a file created from our free EPG Guides (2 days of guide)
Let’s you choose which countries interest you. Let’s you choose which TV Channels for those countries you would like to select. And will create a perfect, small, tidy TV Guide, just the way you like it…

We also included the option to load/upload a single config, so you never loose it…

Ever since our Crazy EPG 0.8 “NextGen”, we started to create a “personal EPG link” for all users.. This is web link created especially for you containing your personal special little file. After configuring what channels you want and uploading your config, you can start using that URL anywhere you want to point to your personal TV guide…. Each day at 18:00 CET we will start generating all guides and we will do this daily for you, and provide it to you on an easy accessible internet link. ALL FOR FREE!!

If you would choose to donate, we will process your file each day with the highest priority, will let you choose 1000 channels and not 400 like FREE users, and will assemble your EPG file with the best files possible, with the most days of EPG Guide, read more about it in Our Mission section.

What changed? See our Changelog

Purpose & Introduction:
Crazy EPG Web will combine different country EPG Guides into a single EPG guide with your own chosen channels. Registration is FREE and afterwards you can upload your chosen config to get it generated and provided each day on your own personal URL automatically. By donating, you can select 1000 channels instead of 400 / you get up to 7 days of guide instead of 2 / your file gets high-priority processing. Each donation will activate this high priority mode for the next 31 days. Recurring donations will keep it going (forever).

We are a non-profit organization so the program works just fine without donating.
We want to be clear donating is not necessary for the program to work.
If you would choose to donate we already wish to thank you right now.
We have some great future plans with the donated money to provide an even better service.

After logging in the list of “Countries” will automatically populate. By checking a country in the box in front of the country name, ALL of its channels get added to the list of possible channels. (but not checked!) By checking a channel in the box in front of the channel name, you are selecting it or adding it to your selection.
NOTE: Be aware that unchecking a country will also auto-uncheck the channels related to that country.

If you are looking for a certain channel, but don’t know in which guide to look for it, you can use the “Search ALL Channels” button. Look for any channel you wish to find (including wildcard searches using *) , a new window will open where you can choose. If at any point you only wish to see the things you have selected, you can check/uncheck the filter check box. If at any point you want to filter or sort a list, do so at the top of the list.

If at any time you are ready making your selection, click the upload config button. Automatically your config will be saved and sent to our processing server. The next time it’s 18:00 CET we will generate your personal file and serve it on the link you see we created for you. You see both a .xml.gz link and a .xml link. They are both the same, the .gz one is just smaller and compressed, so try to download that one if possible, if not, take the XML. Notice we only generate your file once a day, so it’s no use to download it every minute, just download it around 22:00 CET once…

When you load your config it’s possible something changed since the last time you used Crazy EPG Web. For example a country can be gone, or a channel could have changed name or so on… After you click Load Config, we will check/compare that config and see if all is still correct and possible. If not, we will mark the problem or error red so you can see what has to be changed.

Every day after 18:00 CET, when we process your file, we make a Log File you can consult yourself. Here you can see how many channels we found for you and the channels you selected. You can find this log file by clicking the View Log button.

You can stay logged in up to 2 hours and after your session will expire. Make sure to save (upload config)!

FREE Vs Donating:
On our website you find download links for each EPG Guide. These general public EPG files contain 2 days of EPG data. When we generate your personal EPG file we use the same files to “construct” your personal file. So your personal EPG file also contains 2 days of EPG data, but just your own selection so a lot cleaner and faster. We launch all these jobs at 18:00 CET and for our FREE users we have 2 processing queues, so it takes a couple of hours to process everyone. As a FREE user you can choose up to 400 channels we process for you. You can download your file 30x/day but try not to please…

For our donating users, we use our special full length EPG files so this “could be” up to 7 days of EPG data. We also start processing them at 18:00 each day, but they are a lot less users AND have 16 processing queues just for them. This usually takes less than an hour to process everyone. Donating users can choose up to 1000 channels instead of 400. They can download their file up to 150x/day, but again, try not to….please!

You can tell when your file has been created, or refresh your priority by clicking the Refresh button.

Make sure you are registered and everything is working fine as a FREE non-donating user. Choose on any page of our website the donation button for PayPal or our Donate by Crypto button. Make sure to use the same e-mail address for Paypal or NowPayments.io as you used for registration. Donate ANY amount, more is always better 🙂

Paypal: You can choose between a single payment or recurring monthly payment, again, recurring is of course better 🙂 Wait a while for Paypal to process it, especially the first time. It could be 10mins or 24hrs, be patient. Each donation will activate your account again for the next month

Crypto: This is still in an early stage. Unlike PayPal we can’t auto-activate your account after donation yet. So send us (each time) a mail so we can add another month to your expiration date. We will try to find a way to automate this.

We still prefer PayPal donations as these run smooth and automatic. The reason why we introduced Crypto was because some countries don’t support PayPal like Turkey, Ecuador and so on….

A free version of this software will always remain available and will be updated regularly. If you want to support us, and would like more features, consider giving a donation.

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