TODO List (in some future version)
– Translate app, help and site to all possible languages
– Option to change time offset for each channel
– Option to specify fake channel id and fake name
– Option to view ‘what’s on now’ showing current show playing

– Fixed minor bug of not properly erasing when loading config
– Config age shows green for 5mins after it has been updated
– Number of downloads highlights red when at max
– When doing database updates we no longer impact crazy epg
– Donator configs get insta-generated
– Checking routine that repairs broken source files
– All times are now in GMT time
– Serious internal speed/process improvements
– Donator button now also in Crazy EPG
– Clicking the personal epg link selects it completely
– Search all channels can now select all found channels at once
– Little flags next to each country
– Made “License Expires” only visible to actively donating people

v0.8.7 “Crazy EPG Web” (16/03/2024)
– Migration from Windows .NET to Full Web Version
– No more need to install
– Always the latest most up-to-date version
– Store and load config online
– Search ALL channels feature
– Filter between selected/unselected feature
– Filter in current view feature
– No more test file generating
– Login and registration website
– Recover my password website
– Forget my details website

*Enforced Version (meaning older versions will not work anymore)

v0.8.6 “NextGen”(23/01/2024)
– Added to the loaded-config-checker to also check if duplicate channels exist
– Integrated check so you can’t add a second channel with a duplicate name
– Fixed that the channel list always jumped back to the top of the list

*Enforced Version (meaning older versions will not work anymore)

v0.8.5 “NextGen”(10/12/2023)
– Users can consult the log file of the last generated EPG file

v0.8.4 “NextGen”(09/10/2023)
– Fixed a bug during registration if names would have quotes in it
– Make loaded configurations fully editable
– Fixed a registration bug when user fills out caps-only email address
– Check if countries no longer have that name and mark them red
– Check if channels no longer have that name and mark them red
– Error counter for loaded configs
– Major speed improvements
– Write a full Help/About

v0.8.3 “NextGen”(08/09/2023)
– Fixed a small bug in counting possible or selected countries
– Fixed a small bug when using first names or last names with spaces in registration
– Retrieve channel names from the TXT file and not the real XML

v0.8.2 “NextGen” (28/08/2023)
– Added an option to delete all locally stored registration info
– Solved a small bug when running emulated from Linux or Mac (or from VM)
– Added additional info to the mismatch error

v0.8.1 “NextGen” (24/08/2023)
– Added counters so FREE users can choose 200 channels and Donating Users 500 channels
– Changed the “Generate Local XML File” button to “Generate Local Test Guide XML”
– Made a message in the program to remind people we start generating at 18:00 CET
– Solved bug that a not yet existing XML file would already add to the download counter
– Solved bug that re-registration didn’t work when switching email address

*Enforced Version (meaning older versions will not work anymore)

v0.8 “NextGen” (21/08/2023)
– Update EPG Info Button
– Upload Config Feature
– Generate Personal EPG Link URL
– Registration with Validation Mail (& Re-Registration)

v0.1-0.7 (March 2023 to August 2023) – Proof of concept
– Save and load config feature
– Export selected countries and channels in a single XML file

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