We try to do our best to follow each country’s TV offers, but found out it changes all the time.
TV channels are being added, they disappear, change name and so on….
We also found out sometimes a bunch of people in a country like to watch certain channels in a different language from a neighboring country… but still want the TV guide from their country…. strange stuff going on… (think Czech/Slovak)
We try and try to correct this, but the really best thing would just be a local person for each country, a ‘representative’. This person is a local and knows what is going on in his country, and can supply us with the needed corrections.

Your Tasks:
– Manage and control all channels for your country in a private web interface just for ambassadors like yourself.
– Make sure all channels get properly filled with correct EPG data. The correct show with the correct time, if not, go check what the local TV web guide site says, if different, report back to us.
– Come with new suggestions or changes for your country.
– If one day we would start to make translations for our website or even our software, we would need you to translate and update some texts (or Google translate and make small corrections, all good).

Who You Are:
– An intelligent person who can think.
– You can communicate in English OR French OR Dutch (or Spanish). At least at the level needed for basic communication with us.
– You can speak and write the main (or some main) language of your country without errors.
– You do not discriminate against race, language, religion or gender. You’ll be a good ambassador for everyone in your country. You make sure ALL different people in your country get proper EPG.
– You know the basics about using an EPG TV Guide, configured at home for your system of preference.
– You know the basics about computers, sending an email, taking a screenshot….
– You have a couple of minutes of free time each week hopefully.

What We Offer:
– Expected Salary: 0 euro 🙂 We are a non-profit site, we expect you do this out of goodwill, to make the world better for all mankind.
– You get to choose what EPG your country gets. You and no one else…
– Lifetime Donator status, even without donating, you are already donating enough…
– We expect no miracles from you… You check/correct/translate WHAT AND WHEN YOU WANT. No hurry… This should come as a hobby. If you don’t want to anything for a month that’s all fine…
– You’ll grow as we grow and that’s a promise. As we are a non-profit organization, there is no money to pay you a salary. All money we make from donations goes 100% back to the cause, that’s how it is…
But that doesn’t mean if we really make A LOT of donations we can’t do things like buy all our ambassador’s a company iPhone with as well a top-class laptop? Why not? If that helps the cause?
Pay back your internet connection? Your electricity bill?
We promise you: join us from the beginning and voluntarily help us grow, just out of goodwill.
And in case we explode to a really big website, you will not be forgotten!

– See our Contact Page and mail us!

The following countries already found their ambassador and no longer need you to apply:
– Albania

– Belgium
– Bosnia
– Czech Republic
– Germany
– Israel
– Italy
– Kosovo
– Pakistan
– Serbia
– Slovakia
– Slovenia
– Sweden
– Turkey
– United Kingdom
– United States of America
– Uruguay